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We have been working on this passion project for the past two years.  Snuggle Pup book and plush are finally here!  Our hope is that Snuggle Pup helps children with their social emotional well-being by learning to feel all emotions.  


One of my past students, Christian Lester (10 years old) was my co-author and illustrator.  He has a talent and passion for book creations and it was so fun to publish our first book together. 

How this all started . . . Years ago, I was laying on my grandmother’s bed (Mama), chatting and looking at her stuffed animals. One (that was about 90 years old) had a zipper on its belly.  At that moment an idea came to my mind on how a design like this could be a beautiful way to teach kids about feelings.  This is where the Snuggle Pup plush originated. 

After fifteen years of experience teaching elementary school, being married to a school counselor, and having two children of our own, I realized the importance for kids to learn that feelings are not good or bad, they are comfortable and uncomfortable. I wanted to help children learn to feel their feelings so they come and go.  Writing this book with Christian was a perfect way to connect the plush with a story that is relatable to challenges children face.


We hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support!


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